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About Me[]

About Me
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Hey There! I'm Hotspot! I'm a fan of Anime, Video Games, Graphic Design, Art, Nature, Photography, Drawing, Creative Writing and much more! My favorite video games are Suikoden, Kya Dark Lineage and Chrono Cross.

I created this wiki! But unfortunately I haven't played the game since 2008 so I am useless now... I don't remember much about Grim Grimoire other than it was a fantastic game! I hope others can help out as much as they can!

This is a list of Wiki's that I frequent, or have a special interest in.
Wiki Status Activity
Kya Dark Lineage Wiki Bureaucrat, sysop (Founder) Active
Suikoden Wiki Bureaucrat, sysop (Admin) Active
Saint October Wiki Bureaucrat, sysop (Adopter) Active
Grim Grimoire Wiki Bureaucrat, sysop (Founder) "Inactive"
Yaoi Wiki User "Magically Appears", "Magically Disappears"
Chrono Trigger/Cross Wiki User Inactive

My sites[]

  • [1]Suiko-Kya-Cross