Grim Grimoire Wiki
Role N/A
Relatives Chartruese Grande (father/Creator)
Amoretta Virgine (Sister)
Affiliations The Gammel Dore (Teacher)
Advocat (Teacher)
Opalnaria Rain (teacher)
Chartruese Grande (teacher)
Margarita (Friend)
Amoretta Virgine (sister)
Lillet Blan (friend)
Weapon {{{Weapon}}}
Race Homonculus
Abilities N/A
English Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Actor {{{Japanese Voice Actor}}}

Tahlea is a new Homonculus created by Chartreuse Grande after Lillet brings Amoretta Virgine with her. Tahlea looks exactly like Amoretta except Tahlea has pigtails. Tahlea is very shy and has a Fairy spirit in her instead of an angel like Amoretta. As she has a Fairy spirit inside of her who is afraid of Alchemy, she appears to be insecure and very attached to her creator.