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The story starts with Lillet arriving the Silver Star tower, and a series of events started going on quietly in the corners of this tower. One lane down should lead into another turn, and with each turn you see something different. Everyone is on the move, and everyone carries a secret....

The wheel of fate is turning, once again, and the sound of it echoed in the deep halls of the tower. Hurry, and listen, the bells, the bells of that one night is ringing !




My famous professor is very kind. My first friend in school, Margarita, is a little strange, but fun. Starting now, this is my school.


[At Night]

A scary ghost witch lives in this tower. I tought Gaff was just trying to scare me, but Margarita said she saw her, too...

First Five Days

Lillet Blan is first seen on a dragon heading to the Silver Star Tower.She first meets Sir Gammel , who gives her a private room and Gaff , who will take care of things around her. Sir Gammel then says that classes will begin the next day. He also warned Lillet not to wander around the hallways at night.

On the way to her new room she meets Margarita Surprise, who becomes her first new friend.

Later at night,Lillet heads out for a night stroll until Gaff stops her. Gaff reminds Lillet about what the professor has told her. He then tells a true story of a female witch ghost , who wanders the hallways every night. One quiet night, a student is reported missing and was found dead and tortured the next three days .His face wasnt even recognizable.

Someone suddenly knocks and Lillet jumps to her surprise.She opens the door and finds Margarita. Margarita then enters in a hurry and gives a sigh of relief that the ghost did not catch her. Gaff then says that she is being very stubborn despite the professors warning.Margarita then leaves when her familliar frog states that the ghost's presence has disappeared. They both say their goodnights.Lillet then questions Gaff why the professors hasnt taken care of this ghost. Gaff then says that it is a good way to let students be in their rooms during the night.

The next day, Lillet attends her first lecture with Professor Gammel. In this lecture,she is told that the world is filled with mana,and that they should know how to use it. Therefore they borrow the power of the spirits. She is then taught on how to summon elves from the rune Fairy Ring .