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Sorcery is the magic of dealing with the beings from Hell, such as Demons and Imps, Grimalkins and Dragons. High hit points is a common trait to familiars under Sorcery, thus it opposes Alchemy and its fragile familiars with fairly much ease. However, those of the Sorcery magic are strictly physical, and thus deal no damage towards the astral familiars derived from Necromancy.

Sorcery will force those who rebelled against God to obey a magician, for a price. Magicians should not fear for if their heart is pure they can control them as a God wills. But, if the magician's heart waivers and is tempted by the devils ,they will be branded as a trecherous betrayer to God like the devils themselves. Devils are shrewd and tricky, so the magician must be carefull at all times.

The following is inscribed inside the ancient grimoire :

"The magic works with the enemies of God but no method can go against the will which still looks to God in the deepest of darkness."

Sorcery grimoires include Hell Gate, Chaos Nest, and Gehenna .

Sorcery Familliars

The professor who teaches Sorcery at the academy in the Silver Star Tower is the devil himself, Advocat.