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The Silver Star Tower is a famous magic-teaching tower, just beyond the Dark Forest. This is the setting throughout the game. The Philosopher's Stone is hidden somewhere within the Tower. Five students: Lillet, Margarita, Bartido Ballentyne, Hiram Menthe, attend Silver Star (when including Amoretta), and four teachers instruct them there:

Gammel Dore on Glamour

Advocat on Sorcery

Opalnaria Rain on Necromancy

Chartruese Grande on Alchemy.

The tower also hosts specials entities such as a ghosts, familiars, and the main villian of the game.

Lillet has been attending the school for five days, but is stuck in a time loop where she returns to the first just before she is killed on the last. She is the only one with any memory of what happened. This allows her to keep learning and mastering new magics until she is able to unravel the mystery of the school and defeat the cause of the chaos.