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Necromancy requires the mage to come in contact with souls of different deceased beings, and is so called a dark art by some people. Familiars under this tree of magic are all astral beings, and thus cannot be harmed by physical attacks. Necromancy is strong against Sorcery but weak against Glamour magic.

Magicians use Necomancy to call upon the suffering souls that were denied by heaven and those who rested themselves upon the burning fires of hell. It can also open the gates to Hades, and bring the power of sleeping heroes to bear.

The following is inscribed in the ancient grimoire:

"The magic calls upon those who does not exist, and therefore fear the embodiment of nature's laws."

The "embodiment of nature's laws" refer to the magic of Glamour and its familiars; explaining why Necromancy is weak to Glamour.

The teacher of Necromancy is Opalneria Rain.