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Morning Star
Magic Group Glamour
Rune Titania
Hp 130
Mp N/A
Mana Cost 335
Role Ghost Sorceress
Race Ghost
Body Type Astral
Movement Type Flying Type
Weapon Magic
Abilities Master of magic
English Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Actor {{{Japanese Voice Actor}}}

Morning Stars are female spirit (as said in the game) familiars that are under Glamour magic and summoned from the Rune of Titania. They are also the only Glamour Familar that are naturally astral and have an attack that attacks all enemies in the area. Morning Stars have high summon cost and need Mana to attack. They attack by firing magical star bolts at the enemy (as shown in the image). Morning Stars fly and can move easily across the battlefield. Morning Star also need to stock up their ammo which takes a couple of seconds, and if they don't, they won't be able to attack.

Background Setting[]

In real life, the morning star is refering to the planet of Venus, which was the first to rise during dawn, even before the sun.

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  • Morning Star say "Shining Star" when they attack.
    They also say: "with the sunrise"

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