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Margarita Surprise
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Role Lillet Blan's best friend
Follower of the Archmage
Relatives N/A
Affiliations Lillet Blan (Best Friend)
Surley Frog Familiar (pet?)
Gammel Dore (Teacher)
Advocat (Teacher)
Opalnaria Rain (Teacher)
Chartruese Grande (Teacher)
Amoretta (Fellow Student)
Bartido Ballentyne (Fellow Student)
Hiram Menthe (Fellow Student)
Calvaros (Master)
Weapon {{{Weapon}}}
Race Human
Abilities Sorcery Student
English Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Actor Chikako Hayasaki

A girl who quickly became friends with Lillet when she arrived, Margarita has been at the academy for six months. It was Gammel Dore who had brought her to the academy, rescuing her from a town that persecuted magicians under the pretense of witch hunting. Margarita's frog Familiar is named Surley, who she carries on a bonnet on her head, that has the power to control others, including Margarita.

Despite appearing very carefree, she is actually a servant of Calvaros. She was sent to the Silver Star Towerto retrieve Calvaros' soul. If she refused, she would have been burned at the stake. Surley may be the one that makes Magarita do all the bad things that she does to try and get Calvaros to awaken.

In the Japanese version of the game, her name is Margarita Frozen, which is more in keeping with word play of liquor-based names in the game.