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Lujei Piche
Role Ghost Witch that haunts the school
Co-creator of the Philosopher's Stone
Affiliations Lujei's Lover (Lujei's student, that she fell in love with)
Gammel Dore (Collegue)
Advocat (Possible Collegue)
Opalnaria Rain (Student)
Chartruese Grande (Possible Collegue)
Margarita (Student she haunts)
Amoretta (Student she haunts)
Bartido Ballentyne (Student she haunts)
Hiram Menthe (Student she haunts)
Calvaros (Collegue)
Weapon Staff
Race Human/Ghost
Abilities Master of magic
English Voice Actor Megan Hollingshead
Japanese Voice Actor Tomoko Hasegawa

A vengeful ghost that haunts the Silver Star Tower. One of the three great magicians who created the legendary Philosopher's Stone, Lujei was betrayed and assassinated by her lover and student under orders from the kingdom. Upon her death, she became a wandering ghost and now carries a staff with the skull of her former lover who she later killed. Gaff says her ghost is good for keeping naughty children in bed.

In the end of Grim Grimoire, Lujei goes into a secret room that Lillet finds in the end of the game, and is transported to another dimension, it brings her to the world of Soul Nomad & The World Eaters (see trivia).


  • Lujei also appears in Soul Nomad & The World Eaters, another Nippon Ichi title. It's shown that she's responsible for sending Endorph to Prodesto, as well as something else...
  • It's suggested that lujei's lover's name is "Mevy" according to her appearance in Soul Nomad & The World Eaters
  • Lujei's appearance in Soul Nomad & The World Eaters is very different than in Grim Grimoire. She is more childish and silly; as well, she has a different voice actor. The player can unlock the bonus Median story, in which Lujei momentarily returns to a state of mind and manner of speaking very similar to her Grim Grimoire appearence, before reverting back to her child-like insanity. This may due to her own magical power, as it is shown that her student, Opalnaria Rain, also is capable at reversing to her more youthful appearance.

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