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Lillet Blan
Role Heroine
Relatives Unnamed Brothers
Affiliations Gammel Dore (Teacher)
Advocat (Teacher)
Opalnaria Rain (Teacher)
Chartruese Grande (Teacher)
Margarita (Friend)
Amoretta Virgine (Friend/Love Interest)
Bartido Ballentyne (Friend/Former Love Interest)
Hiram Menthe (Student/Friend)
Calvaros (Villian)
Aliases Mage Consul
Weapon N/A
Race Human
Abilities Master of Runes
English Voice Actor Wendee Lee
Japanese Voice Actor Aiko Okubo

Lillet Blan is the main character in Grim Grimoire. She comes from a poor family and wishes to become a great sorceress in order to provide better for her younger brothers. Lillet is invited to Silver Star Tower and shortly after arriving, she quickly becomes friends with her fellow student, Margarita and house keeping elf, Gaff. Lillet is very studious and hard-working, quickly mastering more powerful Runes during the course of the game's events.

In the Japanese version, her name is Lillet Blaw. Her name is a reference to Lillet Blanc, a French apertif wine. So, this is one of the few instances where the NIS translation actually improves the word play scheme over the original Japanese name.

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