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Hiram Menthe
Role Honor Student
Relatives Unnamed
Affiliations Gammel Dore (Teacher)
Advocat (Teacher)
Opalnaria Rain (teacher/Love interest)
Chartruese Grande (teacher)
Margarita (student)
Amoretta (student)
Bartido Ballentyne (best Friend)
Lillet Blan (Student/Friend)
Calvaros (main antagonist)
Aliases Prince
Weapon {{{Weapon}}}
Race Human
Abilities Master of Necromancy
English Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal
Japanese Voice Actor Masashi Ozato

Hiram Menthe is an honor student and a senior at the Magic Academy. He studies Necromancy under Ms. Opalneria and maintains a close relationship with her. He has a kind personality and is close friends with Bartido, despite the fact they are polar opposites.

In one point in Grim Grimoire, Lillet Blan and Margarita Suprise are hiding in Opalnaria Rain's room, and Hiram confesses to Ms. Opalnaria that he is in love with her. Ms. Opalneria she declines because she has an issue against dating students, but Hiram tells her that he is a prince and that he will stop going to school as a student. Opalneria is surprised and tells Hiram that she is around 100 years old, despite her appearance, and says she must think about their relationship.

After the events of the never-ending five days, Lillet finds out from Gammel and Advocat that Hiram and Opalneria are out for the time being because they were investigating some ruins. Opalneria made herself even younger for Hiram, implying that the two are now dating.

In the Japanese version, his name is Hiram Green. His name is a reference to Hiram Walker, a brand of creme de menthe liquor, which is green in color. Like Lillet Blan, this is another one of the few instances where the English name better serves the liquor-based word play in the naming schemes in this game