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Grimoires are books that contain spells to create Runes. As there are 4 branches of magic, Glamour, Necromancy, Sorcery, and Alchemy. Each brance haves 3 grimmoires underneath, there are a total of 12 grimmoires in total to be obtained during gameplay.


  • Fairy Ring - A grimoire that works with forest spirits.Summons elves and fairies.
  • Titania - A grimoire that summons the great star spirit.
  • Wicca - A grimoire of holy supernatural occurrences. A rune that gives the skill to guard grimoires.Summons elves and ables elves to create talismans.


  • Hades Gate - A grimoire that opens the gates to Hades. Can summon ghosts without physical form.
  • Acheron - A grimoire to use the reapers of life and death. Summons Charon, the ferryman of Hades.
  • Purgatory -A grimoire that calls upon the ghosts of sinners. Strengthens the power of the ghostly spirits.


  • Hell Gate -A grimoire used to open the gates of hell. Allows you to summon vicious devils.
  • Chaos Nest - A grimoire that awakens deep chaos. Can even call upon the merciless dragon.
  • Gehenna -A grimoire that awakens the vermin of hell. The vermin draw out the powers of the devil.


  • Laboratoy -A grimoire that summons Alchemy equipment. Able to create life forms with various skills.
  • Chimera Spawn -A grimoire that allows synthesis of chimeras.
  • Engrave -A grimoire that can control warmongers. Allows you to summon Golems shaped like humanoids.

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