Grim Grimoire Wiki
Magic Group Sorcery
Rune Chaos Nest
Hp 50
Mp 100
Mana Cost 150
Role Status Mage and Attack Mage
Race Cat
Body Type Substance
Movement Type Walking
Weapon Staff
Abilities Sleep, Mana Burn
English Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Actor

Grimalkin are Cat Mages, they cannot attack but they can cast sleeping spells on an enemy to make them fall asleep, which can be very useful against a Dragon or Chimera, they can also cast mana burn, a fireball attack which is very effective against most Familiar.


  • Amoretta Virgine has a pet Grimalkin.
  • Talking to Grimalkins are classified as mid-level sorcery according to Bartido, while he sees Lillet talking to Amoretta's pet.