Grim Grimoire Wiki

This FAQ is to answer questions about the Grim Grimoire wiki.

  1. What is Grim Grimoire?
    Well it is a Wikipedia:Real Time Strategy game.For more information on the game, read the regular FAQ.
  2. What is a Wikia?
    Wikia are online databases set up in a way that anyone can edit any page! For more information, see the main Wikia page at w:Main Page.
  3. I want to help! How do I get started?
    If you are familiar with the MediaWiki:MediaWiki formatting, jump right in! If you aren't, read w:How to edit a page.
  4. The information on a page is wrong? Who do I contact to fix it??
    Anyone can edit any page, so you can fix it yourself! To learn more about editing pages, read w:How to edit a page. However, if you are unsure of how to do this, place a note on Grim Grimoire:Requested fixes. Someone will look at it in due time.
  5. All of these articles are in English! Why can't I put Japnese writing into the articles? It's a Japanese game, after all.
    Those are all very good points, but this is the English Wikia. If you are interested in setting up a Japanese or other language Wikia for Grim Grimoire, contact the administrators of Wikia.
  6. I'm writing about a topic that has to do with something in the real world. Should I create an article for it?
    Maybe. Ask at the Grim Grimoire:Community portal if you're not sure. Keep in mind that you can also create interwiki links to Wikipedia like this: [[Wikipedia:Insert_wikipedia_article_here]].