Grim Grimoire Boxart
developer Vanillaware
publisher Nippon Ichi
released Japan April 12, 2007
United States of America June 26, 2007
PAL Region September 28, 2007
genre Real-time strategy
modes single player
ratings CERO: All Ages (A)
ESRB: Everyone 10+ (E10+)
PEGI: 12+
board {{{Board }}}
platforms PlayStation 2
media DVD-ROM × 1

Lillet Blan is a young mage who is admitted into the magic school Tower Of Silver Star. The first four days she meets teachers and students and learns about Grimoires, but on the fifth day she finds everyone dead, before she is killed herself she is flown back in time to the first day, again Lillet then proceeds to relive the five days before the tragedy over and over again, retaining the knowledge of magic she learns in those five days and desperately trying to solve the mystery to prevent the same events (or worse) from taking place on the fifth day. Over the course of the plot, Lillet discovers dark secrets about her classmates, teachers, and even the academy itself, all of which will lead her to the truth.


Lillet appears onscreen as a cursor, used to guide troops around the field in traditional real-time strategy style. Units known as Familiars are created by placing summoning circles called Runes on the map. Mana can be spent to upgrade Runes each fight. New Runes and Familiars are learned as Lillet collects and studies Grimoires. Resource gatherers take the form of elves and other small creatures who harvest mana from crystals. Unexplored areas of the tower are shrouded in darkness, and there are a number of different ways to select individual or multiple units. The game consists of a story mode and a series of bonus maps that are unlocked upon completing the story mode for the first time.

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