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Gammel Dore
Gammel dore.jpg
Role The Headmaster who defeated the Archmage
Relatives N/A
Affiliations Advocat (Teacher)
Opalnaria Rain (Teacher)
Chartruese Grande (Teacher)
Lillet Blan (Student)
Margarita Suprise (Student)
Amoretta Virgine (Student)
Bartido Ballentyne (Student)
Hiram Menthe (Student)
Calvaros (Main antagonist)
Aliases Binder of Archmagenitude
Weapon {{{Weapon}}}
Race Human
Abilities Master of magic (favors Glamour)
English Voice Actor Kirk Thornton
Japanese Voice Actor Hitoshi Bifu

A legendary magician and the head master of the Magic Academy. In the past, he defeated the wicked Archmage Calvaros and sealed the devil that had made a pact with him. He founded the Magic Academy on the Silver Star Tower which was once the Archmage's castle and sends invitations to promising youths in order to better educate the next generation of magicians. He is Lillet Blan's personal Glamour instructor.

His actual name, in the Japanese version of the game, is Gammel Drask, which is a play on words of Gammel Dansk, a danish liquor, as most of the characters in this game are named after a kind of liquor. However, Gammel's last name was changed to Dore because of the popularity of the Harry Potter series, as a reference to the wizard Dumbledore.