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Magic Group Glamour
Rune Fairy Ring
Hp 25
Mp 50
Mana Cost 75
Role Archer
Race Fairy
Body Type Substance/Astral
Movement Type Flying Type
Weapon Bow & Arrow
Abilities Astral change, Fly
English Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Actor {{{Japanese Voice Actor}}}

Fairies are long range Familiars that can attack both Substance and Astral type Familiars, using their magical bow and arrows.They are summoned from the Fairy Ring Rune at Level 2. Fairies can turn into an Astral when they use their "Astral Change" ability, which makes it easier for Fairies to fight against Sorcery and other substance Familiars. Although weak while fighting alone, they can cause a mass of destruction while in groups and can be a viable army during times of need.