Grim Grimoire Wiki
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Magic Group Glamour
Rune Fairy Ring
Hp 20
Mp 30
Mana Cost 50
Role Crystal Collector
Race Elf
Body Type Substance
Movement Type Walking
Weapon N/A
Abilities Heal, Crystal Collector, Talisman creator
English Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Actor Hiroka NISHIZAWA

Elves are magical beings under the Glamour magic, summoned from the Fairy Ring rune.They are very useful Familiars, serving magicians by collecting Mana from crystals, creating the Talisman, and healing other Glamour Familiars. Elves are very friendly and easier to handle than faeries, which can be summoned from the same rune. They also seem to be helpful when it comes to household chores (Gaff can be seen told to clean up Lillet's room).