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Dragon is a familiar with a high cost of summon, but also is to be assumed as one of the strongest familiars in the game (despite having an obstacle in terms of movement speed). It can be summoned from the rune 'Chaos Nest' alongside a Grimalkin. Two steps are required before obtaining a full-fleged dragon (as seen to the right):

1. Summon it's egg, 2. hatch it.

Thusly, quick opponents can easily defeat it while it hasn't been hatched, as it can not defend itself and does not have it's massive health pool. Dragons are displayed with crimson coloured scales and wavy horns, a blue streak of cerulean blue scales along its spine, and small pairs of wings, one pair in the middle of its back and one wing on each side of its front claws. They have four-fingered claws, four claws (two in front, two in back) total, a beak and a tail with a spike for an end. While encounting an enemy in it's attacking range, it exhales a firey breath which burns multiple opponents at a time, even ones behind him. Just like the Chimera, a Dragon is an extremly aggressive beast knowing only how to attack (it can not be put to defensive or moving mode), and it will automatically seek out any enemy within sight to strike.

Due to its sheer strength in health and damage output, normally an army of dragons cannot be countered even with astral units. It is costly to raise a dragon army, but worth it if you want to be near-invinicible.