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A master of Alchemy and an instructor in the art, he was transformed into a lion beast by a curse. This does not hinder his speaking or upright-walking abilites in any way. Opalnaria Rain admits to having an interest in him romantically, though she openly dislikes his new appearance, prefering his former looks. He himself seems to little mind the beastly features he now holds. Being the creator of Amoretta, he treasures her as shown in the scene in which Opalneria is destroying his study. The first thing he told Bartido Ballentyne is to save Amoretta's Flask from being destroy by Opalneria. In the end though, Amoretta leaves his side to follow Lillet. As a result, he creates another Homuculus named Tahlea.

He is voiced by Kanehira Yamamoto in Japanese and Michael Sorich in English.

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