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Dr. Chartreuse

Chartreuse Grande is a professor specializing in Alchemy. He was one a beautiful young man with blonde hair with ivory skin, until he was cursed into a lion. He was told that the power of love can break this curse, but he is only intersted in searching for the truth. He has no interest in finding a way to undo the curse.

Ms. Opalneria has an uncontrollable love for him, and insists he should love her back. But since he has no interest in putting the curse back, he shoves her away.

"Looks are meaningless to those who can see inner Qualities."

He is the creator of Amoretta Virgine. To him, Amoretta is nothing more than an instrument for his research and obviously he cannot provide her with love and attention. Later Amoretta tells Chartreuse that she doesn't need him and this apparently break his heart, making him reallize for the first time what it means to be rejected.

Several years later, Chartreuse succeeds in creating another homunculus looks just like Amoretta. Unlike her, this homunculus seems attached to her creators.