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Amoretta Virgine
Role Protagonist/Lillet's Love Interest
Relatives Advocat ("Uncle")
Affiliations Gammel Dore (Teacher)
Advocat (Teacher)
Opalnaria Rain (Teacher)
Chartruese Grande (Teacher/Creator)
Margarita (Fellow Student)
Hiram Menthe (Fellow Student)
Bartido Ballentyne (Fellow Student)
Lillet Blan (Fellow Student/Love Interest)
Calvaros (Main Antagonist)
Aliases Angel
Weapon {{{Weapon}}}
Race Homunculus/Angel
Abilities Student of Sorcery
English Voice Actor Lani Minella
Japanese Voice Actor Hiroka Nishizawa

An ephemeral student at the academy who possesses a Grimalkin familiar that stays by her side. She has trouble dealing with Advocat and his interests in her. Lillet rescued her from dealing with him on their first meeting. Since then, Amoretta takes a romantic interest in Lillet and she returns caring feelings for Amoretta. Her body is a homunculus created by Chartreuse Grande and it is revealed her flask is important to her survival. Her cat destroys her flask to sacrifice her to save Lillet from Grimlet. Her soul is that of an angel, one of the possible reasons as to why Advocat is interested in her. In the end, she, along with everyone else, is saved through Lillet's brave actions and they remain together. It is revealed that maintaining physical contact with Lillet is very important to Amoretta, and often Lillet uses this to have Amoretta agree to her request (otherwise Lillet would leave her to sleep alone).

In the Japanese version, her name is Amaretto Vergine, her name referencing Amaretto wine. Her name may have been changed because "Amaretto" denotes a masculine connotation in most Western languages, particularly with Spanish and Italian, or perhaps to distance itself from alcohol references, as to appear more family-friendly