Grim Grimoire Wiki

"This world is ruled by inviolable laws. That is the truth of Alchemy. We
crystallize and create life that nature can organically replicate. Originally,
alchemy required a complicated process with hundreds of syntheses. Luckily, now
we can use a magic facility to accurately unify this process. Inscribed in the
grimoire is our wisdom, the Rune to summon this facility."
- Chartreuse Grande

The science of Alchemy can see through nature's laws and, through their understanding and manipulation, create anything. Alchemy can create lives with precise methods.

"And watch out for devils. Created lives are not of God's fate, thus seen as
fragile and easy to manipulate."
- Chartreuse Grande,

The souless lives of the alchemically created are succeptable to the trickery of Sorcery. At the same time, being unnaturally born makes them a boon against the beings of Glamour.


  • Laboratory - A grimoire that summons Alchemy equipment. It is able to create life forms with various skills and unique traits.
  • Chimera spawn - This rune can produce strong chimeras. It will also increase the abilities of other man-made lives.
  • Engrave- This rune is used to asummon the equipments needed for battle. The golems that appear from it can be very strong.


  • Blob - summoned from the Laboratory,the blob is a slimy familliar that collects Mana.They are the most primitive form of created life.They do not have the power nor intellect to maintain a specific shape. The Blob also has the ability to reduce the attacks and movement of his opponent for a period of time. This technique is called "Gum up". Another ability is that they can create Advents.
  • Homunculus - An artificial life form made inside a flask.They are born with high intelligence and mental power. They have the power to see beyond, and can produce psychic storms. They can also make it possible to attack Astrals with physical attacks with their ability, Clairvoyance. Should one come out of its flask, it will die.
  • Golem - A loyal doll who will obey every command. They are made of metal with life-like energy. They have magma running through their body like blood through veins. They move slowly but are physically powerful. They are long-ranged attackers by way of throwing their magma in globs they spew from their mouths. Their attacks are still physical and so they cannot harm Astrals.
  • Chimera - The ultimate form of artificial life. Chimeras were made with dragon blood and are similarly very powerful and frightening. Since they are incomplete experiments, they slowly degrade and die over time.
  • Gargoyle - They are the symbols of Alchemy. It is a clockwork guard embedded with a temporary soul. Unmoving, it will attack any enemies that pass near it with fiery arrows from its mouth.