Grim Grimoire Wiki
Role Teacher of Sorcery/Antagonist
Relatives Amoretta Virgine (Niece)
Affiliations Gammel Dore (Teacher)
Opalnaria Rain (Fellow Teacher)
Chartruese Grande (Fellow Teacher)
Lillet Blan (Student/Enemy)
Margarita (Student)
Amoretta ("Niece"/Student)
Bartido Ballentyne (Student)
Hiram Menthe (Student)
Calvaros (main antagonist)
Aliases Mephistopheles (Real Name)
Weapon {{{Weapon}}}
Race Devil
Abilities Master of Sorcery
English Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal
Japanese Voice Actor Takamasa Oohashi

A devil that teaches Sorcery and the "uncle" of Amoretta. Though he usually acts like a gentleman, his nature as a devil occasionally shines through. His real name is Mephistopheles. His purpose at the academy is a mystery, and he will not reveal if he has a contract with Gammel Dore. He does not actively collect souls while on the campus, but Lillet strongly distrusts him. Advocat clearly knows more about the events in the Silver Star Tower than he cares to reveal. Although Lillet distrusts him, he is the teacher that helps her the most.

In the Japanese version, his name is spelled Advocaat, which he is named for a dutch liquor made from eggs, sugar, and brandy.